Things about Background Checks that HR’s Must Know and Learn

01Background checks results became a part of the criteria when hiring an applicant. Background check helps the Hiring Manager in screening and deciding which are the strongest contenders and the most qualified ones. It gives an overview and insight for the HR, aside from the ones written in the resume.

There are many reasons why a company chooses to run a background check. One of the most common reasons is to highlight criminal history. Someone’s records, especially heavy criminal charges, will help the HR decide if the person will be a threat to the safety and well-being of the current employee, or if he is unreliable and not trustworthy. However, some minor criminal charges might also be irrelevant to the job, in such a way that it will not affect the candidate’s ability to perform his work well. Either way, knowing someone’s criminal history will help the HR make an educated choice.

The other benefit when you run a background check on someone is the ability to see the full picture of an applicant. It avoids due diligence and workplace risk, it verifies a person’s said accomplishment and education, and helps keep your customers safe. When you run a background check on someone, you are one step closer to the right hire.

Aside from knowing the benefits, it’s also important to know that background check doesn’t just involve criminal history. There are also different kinds of background check. What we are talking about is a pre-employment background check. Home loan background check, tenant screening, and childcare background check are just a few types of background check, all of which have different main purpose. For example, childcare background check is done for custody or adoption reasons, while home loan screening is to check if an individual has the capacity to pay it on time.

02.JPGYou must also know that social media searches and reference check questions are not considered as background check. Looking up on an applicant’s Facebook account is not a valid kind or even a part of background checking. There is no such thing as social media background screening. EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) discourages looking up someone on social media platforms because it may reveal unneeded information such as race, religion, and political affiliation that might be the root cause of a biased decision. Reference check questions, on the other hand, are just insights from the reference about a person’s previous job performance.

The most important thing that you should know when you run a background check on someone is the laws and legislations regarding background screening, such as EOOC and FTC laws. You must also learn that you need an applicant’s permission to perform it. Lastly, know that the background checks should go beyond the hiring stage. Running a background check on your employees  for a  few years is also a smart move.

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