How to Hire the Right Employee

2.JPGThere are many things to be considered in finding the right person for the job. It doesn’t start with the resume or end with the interview. Hiring the right employee is a challenging process- there are just many steps to be done. However, it is better to go thoroughly in the process of selecting the right candidate than having regrets in the end when you hired the wrong person. It will jeopardize not only your company’s productivity and environment but also its reputation. Surely the process will be time consuming but know that it will be worth it. Here are the things to remember in choosing the right employee:

  • Define the Job correctly- when posting job descriptions, make sure that it explains well what someone’s duties and responsibilities will be. Don’t forget the qualifications that comes with it.
  • Have a Recruitment Strategy- If you only rely on the resume and the interview then you are not properly knowing your possible employees. Make strategies that will help you see their strengths and weaknesses as well as their greatest advantage from other candidates. Know how they react and respond in certain situations to know them better.
  • 2222.JPGMake a Step by Step Checklist- Being organized is the key. By having a checklist, every schedule and every process is systematic. You are less likely to commit mistakes because of the records you have. Planning always helps.
  • Review Credentials and Applications Thoroughly- Learn to screen candidates with the right experience, skills and qualifications and characteristics. See if what they have written in their resume reached the standards that you set in your posted job description.
  • Prescreen the Candidates- Learn to save the time of your HR personnel for interview by prescreening the candidates. By phone screening the list of possible candidates you will have your list of who will make it to the interview.
  • Ask the Right Questions during the Interview- The goal of the interview is to separate desirable candidates from average candidates that’s why choosing the right questions to ask is crucial.
  • Do a Background Check- One of the most important thing that most employers skip is doing a background check. Through a background check, you will be able to authenticate the information supplied to you in his resume, application or interview. Background checking will help you know how honest an employee is and if he can really contribute all those things that he claimed to. Other than that, you can also see his past records in his previous work and his criminal records. This will save you from many problems that your company may suffer. Background check is not complicated as it seems, you can even get a background check online.

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