What You Need to Know About Background Investigation and Employment Screening

quesThere have been surveys on employers about background investigation and employment screening, among its finding where that a lot of employers will reject job applicants who embellish and lie about their diplomas and degrees.

If you are confident enough that you can do the job but you don’t have the required credentials the employer is requesting.

You might be tempted to lie and embellish your résumés even just a bit so you can make yourself the perfect candidate for the available job, well you might want to reconsider what you are about to do. Lying on your résumé about your diplomas and degrees is nearly certain way to have an employer remove you from consideration; surveys said that there are trends about how employers use background investigation, checks and other methods of employment screening.

Most employers in the surveys found that they were more accepting of applicants with some types of criminal records and convictions than job applicants who have lies on their résumés.

Things to Know About
Background Investigation and Employment Screening

Employers Normally Don’t Hire Job Applicants Who LieAAEAAQAAAAAAAAUuAAAAJDJhMTMxOGZlLTY2Y2EtNGFiMy05MzNiLWYzYThlNjcxOGJiOQ.jpg

Some employers say they won’t accept job applicants who lied or embellished their résumés about their degrees or diplomas. 44 percent reject applicants who changed the dates of their past employment. 34 percent reject job applicants who were lying about their job titles.

Employers Will Still Test For Marijuana Even If It Is Legal

Some employers say that they would still continue drug testing even though they are in the era of legalized recreational marijuana. There are only two percent that say they would drop drug testing while others don’t know what to respond or even have no opinion since they never had one in the first place.

Having Criminal Records Will Not Automatically Disqualify Applicants

There are at least 90 percent of employers who would disqualify job applicant who have criminal records that involved any kind of violence, dishonesty or theft while 32 percent would not accept applicant who have drug convictions.

Unfairness of Ban the Box Legislation

Employers don’t like the Ban the Box laws at all and 48 percent of them say that it is unfair while 26 percent said it was confusing and 25 percent said that it delayed the hiring process and decisions.

Applicants Are Given the Chance to Explain Their Criminal Records and Convictions

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has a new guidance that employers must allow their job applicants to explain their side of the story when it comes to their convictions. 72 percent of employers do their individualized assessments where it evaluates the applicant’s conviction to the job they are applying for.

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