Implications of Employers in Conducting Background Checks after the 9/11 Terrorist Attack



Employers are willing to show information about potential employees are harmful to employers who are hiring at the moment. One would expect  a true converse: employers will be able to find information about their potential employees so they will accept applicants that will be the most qualified candidates who will not harm their fellow employees’ customers and clients and will not pose any other risk to the company and their new employer.6 Earlier employers are being paranoid increasingly about giving job references to new employers hiring their former employees because they are afraid of being sued by their employees who say they were given negative reference reviews that result in being declined jobs in new companies and new employers are always unable to acquire information  needed highly qualified employees.

Alteration in the Market Place

September 11, 2001, is one of the events that made a difference in both the community and the marketplace who altered employers and their perspectives about potential employees in hiring for employment. Adding to the increasing violence in the workplace applicants are now checking credible information and sources that will prove if an applicant is trustworthy and if they have engaged in workplace violence or other illegal activists. Background checks are being looked upon as a luxury but now they are a necessity for employers. Surveys from 2003 say that 82 percent of employers have chosen to conduct background checks on their potential employees which increased since 1996 which had 66 percent only. Policies about background checks were added or changed because of the result of the 9/11 attacks.

The Industry of Background checks


There is a growth in background checks and its industry who sufficed the need of every company’s desire to decide whether an applicant will be good for the company or not. Companies that conduct background checks after the attacks increased their clients in a month alone. Other employers began expressing their gratitude towards background
checks and screen their future applicants before making hiring decisions for the safety of their workplace.

But the companies who conducts background checks is only telling one part of the story which includes reviewing criminal records and credit reports. They leave out that they talk to the applicant’s past employers to get the full information which is well embraced by employers who hired them just to get the valuable information, is this hindering the references or the luxurious processes of background checks? even though résumés will have a space for the applicant’s references but their resumes which provide information for employers is one thing while disclosing useful information like positions, titles, date of employments and salaries is a different matter.

But who knows, maybe this will make employers and employees to think before they act which will create a highly productive and well-behaved workforce.

To know how to run a Background Check on someone, go to




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