Surprising Facts That Explains Why Employment Background Checks Matter

Employment background checks are the backbone of any company and the bone of contention for new employees. Some employers hesitate to use background checks because they worry about the cost and the potential of scarred off applicants. The truth is that background checks are important and a must for companies who operates today, even if it is a small business or a major company. And with the help of some companies like Identity PI, they are more affordable.

Employees who are good having nothing to hide or leave out in their applications and background checks won’t be able to scare them away. Instead they will help employers separate the good applicants from the bad and make sure that their workplace is safe and pleasant for their fellow employees and for customers and clients too.

Percentage of All Information Found Inside Background Checks

A scan through some of the surprising facts related to background checks will make employers, employees or even home owners to uncover their real need for them. Background checks will usually uncover flags, an inaccurate representation of information of a very serious issue. Thirty nine percent of background checks have discovered at least one flag. Ten percent of them found evidence of criminal records and history of violence and forty-four percent related to driving. And twenty-three percent of background checks are about applicants who leave out or lied about earlier employments. And sixty percent of background checks show applicants lying about educational information.

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