Having Criminal Records and Racing towards Redemption

78431828.jpgThe people of color carry the weight of criminal records. They face barriers of legal and non-legal arrays; the most prominent is employment, local, state and federal governments that are implementing measurements for easing the impact of criminal records. These measures are laudable but it will fail to discuss the barrier between people who believe they have moved on with their lives and the ways where employers and decision makers will continue to judge them by following those interactions.

These issues are particularly for people of color haunted by their criminal records. People ultimately move on and they get out and are free of their criminal records any longer. Expanding laws that will allow people to remove their criminal records from the public access and let them reach redemption.

Criminal Records and the Weight Ex-Offenders Carry

Criminal records are omnipresent; one of three people can expect arrests by the time they hit the age of twenty-three. There are sixty-five million adults having criminal records and one in thirty-four adults were under forms of correctional supervision. These numbers show, in shocking ways, and the grip of criminal justice system on communities, families and people throughout countries. There is a severe impact on people with color who subjects to all of its effects that includes burdens that attend criminal records. Criminal records and its effect are graphically and regularly clear to students in universities, they show the obstacles that burden people with criminal records; these obstacles are conquered by providing legal advice and to lower barriers to move past for people dealing with their criminal records.

Criminal Justice System and Minorities

bad_criminal_arrest_shackle_handcuff_manacle_bracelets-512The criminal justice system is all about the black and Latino men and women who meet law enforcement officers in streets, roads and highways, to arrest, sentence and to incarcerate them and they stay stuck inside it. As a result, these people bear the marks of criminal records. It is one of the heaviest burdens for a person to carry; the effects of criminal records are long-lasting and sometimes permanent.

And for people who are merely charged with criminal records that did not result in conviction will lead to legal and non-legal consequences that will shadow them for the rest of their lives because of the criminal justice system. People with criminal records tend to struggle having a stable housing and employment, they can’t support and sustain themselves and their families or give to their community economically, and this will be a cause for ex-offenders to do something that will add markings on their criminal records.

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