A Guide for Companies: Adding Background Checks as a Part of the Hiring Process

pregnancydiscrimination.pngWhile in the hiring process, the employer basically looks for a job applicant who will be the best fit for a job, evaluating their abilities, skills and personal characteristics needed for the requirements. Employer will often try to verify the information contained in the apple cart’s application form and what they learn from the interview part of the process. Beyond the assessment made of the applicant’s truthfulness and qualifications, employers can attempt to make sure that the applicant will not pose any kind of risk to the other employees and the clients and customers in their company or to third parties. the hiring goals that employers aim for is to make sure that the process of background checks will not discriminate and be unfair against any job applicant or they will breach the law protecting employees and their rights.

Conducting Background Checks

Employers are typically permitted to conduct background checks of any form on any applicants, volunteer or independent contractor working in their company. Background checks are simple reference checker to view their information like their credit review or criminal records. For each employer, there are different things included in their background checks and the process tailored for the specific needs of the job being offered. Employees in some sectors will have to get state licenses so that they can practice, background checks needed by the law including a scan for criminal records, if an applicant has one.

Background checks have a set of wide-ranging regulations that subjects employers to do. An employer must make sure that background checks are not used to unfairly discriminate applicants and if employers are outsourcing to conduct background checks, they have to make sure that the certain requirements are both met by the employer itself and the outsourced firm.

Employers and Why They Should Conduct Background Checks

Depending upon the background checks implemented by the employer during the hiring process, the checks may:

  • Support the applicant’s truthfulness from their application forms, materials and their interviews.
  • Identify if whether or not applicants will have the tendency to harm fellow employees, clients, customer and third parties while under their earlier employments.
  • Lower the risks of the safety of the workplace
  • Reassure the employer that the applicant is trustworthy around vulnerable information, fellow employees, clients and other third parties

Outsourced Background Checks

Most employers choose to outsource background checks as a part of their hiring process to independent firms. Under the FCRA or Federal Credit Reporting Act, these companies are also called Consumer Reporting Agencies. Whether or not an employer had a contract with an outside firm to conduct background checks, the employer should know the regulatory landscape.

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