Employment Criminal Background Checks

criminal-records-and-employmentThe subject of employment criminal background checks is important as well as talked about and a hard one in our world of business today, as criminal background checks are a part of the hiring process that addresses the core values in society. These kinds of values can cause conflict. The belief that if criminal ex-offenders paid their debt to the community, which is one of the societal values, the ex-offenders would be available to them too, just like everybody else.

But any kind of societal value is right and an employer’s responsibility to hire staff for its workforce in a productive way, safe and secure. There are certain questions with practical, legal and ethical ramifications that come up when ex-offenders want to have and apply for jobs, how do you know that they actually pay their debt to the society and the community? Do they just say that to have a job and earn money? The employers have their legal obligations to the applicants which came up recently by legal developments. But clients, stakeholders and current employees are also legal obligations which employers also have to deal with. This dilemma confronted by managers and business owners of conflicting duties, Values and responsibilities to do the right thing by doing criminal background checks as a part of their hiring process.

Employment criminal background checks have many levels to check like much employment law topics. The subject of employment criminal background checks, minority incarcerations, criminal convictions and the growth of employment background checks. Legal ramifications of employment background checks and the need for employment criminal background checks

Incarceration Rates

There is a difference is rates of people expected to go to jail in their lifespan between Hispanics, blacks and whites is very dramatic. White men are seven times lower than imprisoned black men and three times higher than Hispanic men. In the past two decades there is an increase in the people who had at least one contact with the criminal justice system. There are 1 in 35 adults are in prison and as a result, there has been an increase in people who have criminal records and who are in their working years. Only 1.8 percent of adults had served time in prison when it was 1991, but at the end of 2007, the percentage had increased and it was 3.2 of adults were under forms of correctional incarceration or supervision. The rates of arrest and incarceration are mostly high for Hispanic and black men.

Race Arrest Rates

The percentage of all the male Hispanics, blacks and whites are about the same when it comes to arrested girls and women by the time they reach the age of 18 a lot of men arrested are Hispanic and African-American race compared to white men who had low percentages in arrests. According to a study, the increase in arrest rates is because of the police officers’ presence near schools as well as the fact that crimes like domestic violence are being reported often today.

Growth of Employment Criminal Background Checks

man-holding-up-sign-criminal-historyEmployment criminal background checks and the employment data inside it are very revealing. Regarding the growth of employment criminal background check, surveys indicated that a lot of employers use employment criminal background checks for some or all of their job openings.

Nearly three quarters of applications for employment inquire into the criminal background for applicants and at least half of the employers’ follow-up with background check routinely. Criminal background checks used in the retail industry especially the largest private employers. At least 40 percent of employers will decline an applicant because he or she had criminal records of the nature of offense and 60 percent will refuse to hire ex-offenders. And 90 percent of employers reject applicants who have violent criminal records.

Yet emphasizing that criminal record databases are incomplete and inaccurate, some private employers have adopted policies against hiring applicants will criminal records including having no convictions just arrests.

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