Ultimate Criterion of Background Checks

fileYou will find out why background checks are worth it, for when you meet problems like occupational and résumé fraud.

Background Checking

Background Checks can and will lower the chance that your company will meet any risk of a falling victim to occupational or résumé fraud and the big price that come along with bad hiring decisions.

Reports say that at least 69 percent of companies have conducted background checks and criminal record scans on all their job applicants. There are a lot of great talents in the employment pool, but how can you and other employers are sure that these job applicants truthful? And say who they are and have any experiences that say they do? It is so important that you make sure that the people you will hire are capable, trustworthy, and qualified.

If you have notices discrepancies in your company and payroll or you felt that an employee embellishes their work experience, when it comes to background checks always consider your options and what these screenings and their types can do for your company. And there are numbers of reasons that you should run background checks, for the sake of your company:

  • Safe Environment in the workplace
  • Preventing Criminal Activities
  • Avoiding Negligent Hiring

Background checks can rule out job applicants who have red flags on their reports or have negative pasts and protect your company and current employees, when an applicant is applying for a job that would handle any sensitive financial information, employee information or other properties, it is a company’s responsibility to screen or conduct background checks to make sure that the applicants you will hire are trustworthy.

Background Checks Kills Résumé Fraud

Background Checks can help you prevent résumé fraud and bad hiring decisions. No cost and headaches for the employer by just running background checks.

Conducting employment, educational and credential background checks shows discrepancies between what the résumé of the applicant and what the report shows was at least 46 percent.

Studies that say two out of three employers have seen résumé of applicants that have lies in it. Your company’s employees can lose both money and time when you have résumé fraud. If you will invest in hiring and training new members that lied in their résumés, you will find that you are investing a lot of unreturned effort and resources. So consider these things first:

Bad Hires Cost Companies CashSTARTUPHIRINGHUMOUR

Employment Background Checks provides companies with the opportunity to make sure that the applicant’s claims on their résumés are true. Sufficient background checks will uncover lies made by job applicants during the process of hiring. Costs of companies are huge when there was a mistake in hiring applicants, replacing an employee will take a lot of time and money, and training will take out 200 percent of the annual compensation. Employers and owners of companies will always benefit when they conduct background checks.

For more information about background checks, please visit: https://www.identitypi.com/identitypi


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