Bars Are High When Background Check Software Comes into the Picture

“The real culprits are the applicants themselves,”
asserted by a professor of human resources and management, challenged by complaints from employers that they can’t find good applicants with the right kind of skills which is part of a very long-term trend. The recession has caused employers a very picky and specific bunch. And the skills thinking they can find someone outside the company and cut back on the training.

Why Can’t Good People Get Jobs?

The complaints about how employers conduct their hiring process, particularly the use of software to do a comprehensive background check to screen applicants. The job market is more than just a professional concern; degrees are not the only essential thing to land a job, work experience also counts. A lot rides on diagnosing correctly the job market, if the main problem is one of too many applicants and not enough jobs, unemployment today is treatable and there is a case for more monetary and fiscal policy to gain demand or at least defer a fiscal austerity. The mismatch on skill employers and the jobless is the main problem, where the skills employers need and those jobless have, then monetary and fiscal medicine would do no good. That kind of unemployment is only treatable in the long run and with better education and training.

There is more to this. For every story about employers who cannot find applicants that fit their requirements, there are tales about employers who have crazy requirements on hiring potential employees. Software has replaced recruiters in many companies and applicants will rarely talk to anyone, not even by email, while the comprehensive background check is going on during the hiring process. In many parts of the economy, software has benefits like applying will be easier for applicants, so they don’t have to go to the HR Office to fill out forms.

The pool of applicants will be broader and the employers will be able to choose easier while saving money at the same time. But today unemployment is sweeping the nation; the volume of applications is drowning HR Departments where they are downsizing to cut costs. That led employers getting behind comprehensive background check software and uses it to look for the skills they need. A comprehensive background check will weed out any applicant that lacks the particular key words. But why not get what you really need? The streets are filling up with so much talent that is looking for work. Requirements are always piling up that it is impossible to find anyone who fits.

Employers should back off the strict requirements that applicants should have done for the job and training is one of the important task of an employer, they insist that firms should reprogram the software so that the comprehensive background check isn’t picky and informs the employers for their personal considerations and not discarding the application that does not fit the specifics but might be able to do the job well.

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