Anxieties about Nannies: Tips on the Screening Process


A lot of anxiety is in the air when you’re in the process of hiring a nanny. The ideal nanny
you want is someone who shares the same kind of ideas on how to take care of a child like feeding times, play dates and nap times. It is a very big decision. Here are suggestions made by a child protection expert:

Roles and Expectations

Know what you want the potential nanny to do. Do you want her to stay at home and take care of the children? To drive the kids to the park, school, or home?  Do you prefer Part-time or Full-time? Are extended hours included if you need to work a little late or if you have to travel? These are questions you need to answer so you can find a person that will fit the job and does all the things that you need. sb10065747q-001.jpgCooking meals, washing laundry or other duties are requirements needed before hiring a nanny. Training is also important to decide, if the nanny knows how to do CPR or First Aid, the salary range and intended benefits of working for you. Start looking for a legal advice on requirements of hiring a nanny.


Advertise on your own or go find a person that provides nannies. Ideally, an agency that knows the International Nanny Association, but know that you are going through a service that will cost you money for the application and the placement. Find a person that will help with the hiring process and has other resources.


Prepare a list of question that you will ask each candidate. Take notes of what they are saying, because sometimes it’s hard to know what each of the candidate answered. Some employers like to do the interview first over the phone and then interview them in person. But this is your call, you will learn more about the person you will talk to in a face to face conversation. The first question you should always ask is if they legally allowed to work but after that you can ask any question you want.

Open Ended Questions

How do you work with children? Why did you become a nanny? What kind of activities do you like to do with children? A child is having a temper tantrum, what do you do? Disciple techniques? These are the kind of questions that are open-ended. But make sure that the candidate can ask you questions too.

Conduct Background Checks

Find a person that is trustworthy and will conduct kinds of background checks like Identity PI, but you should also conduct your own. Ask the candidate for a list of their past prepared with a list of questions for the past employers too when you call them. Is the candidate nice? when did the candidate start working for you? Was the candidate dependable or on time? If there are emergencies, were they handled well? Why did the candidate leave?

Meet The Family.

After you find a person right for the job, reviewed their information and you think all the things in their profile looks good, you should let the nanny meet your family. Look if the child interacts with the nanny. Are they comfortable or natural? Ask your child for their opinion. Then if the meeting went smoothly, schedule a trial run for a day or two before making an offer. If you don’t think it went great just keep looking. Always trust your instincts. Move forward with the offers and negotiations if it was a good fit.

To ensure the safety of your family, Visit to know more details.identitypi.jpg


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